Military personnel, policemen, firefighters, and military cadets undergo rigid training before going to their respective units. One of the most important aspects of their training is the concept of the buddy system. There were many instances where the buddy system proved to be an effective way of surviving even the worst case scenario in war and in peace.

Also included in their training is teamwork. They were trained to depend on one another for the accomplishment of their missions. With their patches and badges, a member feels belongingness to his team. Military coins similar to those presented by also denote one’s belongingness to a team.

Origin of challenge coins

There is no clear confirmation as to the origin of challenge coins. However, there were considerations that at some point in the Roman Empire, coins were given to soldiers as tokens for their good performance in battles.

During the First World War, a rich squadron commander gave medallions to his pilots before their mission. The medallions were inscribed with the squadron’s insignia. There were no reasons cited for giving out those medallions, except that they were used to identify the members of the squadron.

Challenge Coins In one of their missions, one plane was shot down and the Germans held the pilot as prisoner. The Germans took all the pilot’s personal belongings except for a small bag containing the medallion given by the squadron commander. Fortunately, he was able to escape and reached France. However, he was charged with espionage in France and was ordered to be executed.

Before his execution, a French soldier recognized his medallion’s engravings. Because of that, his execution was canceled and he later rejoined his unit.

During the Vietnam War in the 1960’s, American unit commanders gave live bullets to their soldiers as tokens for accomplishing their missions. However, the practice was stopped due to the risk that the bullets may accidentally fire when soldiers challenge one another. The bullets were replaced with military coins.

As to where and when the beginning of challenge coins started is not clear. However, the value of the first challenge coins may not be different from the coins offered by

The coin challenge

There were stories that the first coin challenge took place in Germany after the Second World War ended in 1945. American soldiers conducted penny checks at their checkpoints using German coins. After that, military personnel started challenging each other in bars and nightclubs for a good round of drinks also using German coins.

The secret handshake

There is also a story about former US Defense Secretary Robert Gates’ visit to Afghanistan in 2011. He went to Afghanistan to boost the morale of the American soldiers stationed there. It was said that when he shook the hands of the soldiers, they were surprised to receive military coins that were concealed in the palm of the secretary.

The VIP coins

United States Presidents and Vice Presidents also have their own coins. Most of those coins are commemorative and are given only to selected recipients because they are limited in number.

Challenge Coin

The business challenge coins

When you visit, you will be treated not only with a showcase of military challenge coins but also with the business challenge coins.

Recognizing the achievements of employees may not end with plaques and citations, salary increases, bonuses, and other monetary benefits. Aside from these considerations, employees will be elated when they receive challenge coins that they can carry anytime and to any place they want.

Celebrating the yearly company anniversary may not be measured by the number of bottles of red wine and champagne served to employees and guests. They will also appreciate receiving company giveaways like bags and shirts. However, commemorative business challenge coins given as giveaways may last forever.

The company’s good performance in the industry may not be consummated by giving out bonuses to employees. However, distributing business challenge coins aside from the monetary considerations will boost the morale of employees. It will not be surprising that the company’s performance will be better the following period.


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