Keynote speakerMore and more companies are investing on their employees. For this reason, they are calling motivational speakers to deliver inspiration speech during their company events. These companies do not just need average motivational speakers, instead they want great inspirational speakers who can inspire and motivate their people. How can you identify between the best and the average motivational speakers? Here is a list of the qualities that the best motivational speakers possess. Take note of these qualities to help yourself become a great motivational speaker who can deliver a speech with great impact to your audience.

Personal Engagement

They just do not give ordinary speeches; they create personal engagement with their audience. They have the capacity to go deeper and look for the weaknesses of their participants. Then, they will search for the right solutions to overpower the weak points and let their audience take action.

Influence People

The best motivational speakers have the capacity to influence their audience through unique ways. They do not allow their audience to feel jealousy or hatred. They allow people to enjoy their company, they listen to them and they influence their emotions and thoughts.

Consciousness and Awareness

As a speaker, you need to be conscious of your actions. Your audience look up to you as a role model. You need to drop actions or bad habits that distract or confuse your audience.

To become a better speaker, you have to clearly identify the strongest interpersonal qualities that you possess. Ask yourself the following questions: What are the qualities that I need to improve on? How can I connect best to my audience? The great speakers capitalize their strengths in order to capture the attention of their audience. This makes your speech and presentation unique, engaging and understandable.

Do this simple activity to identify the specific areas where you excel. Create a list of your best traits and put them on a journal. Think of ways on how you can capitalize these strengths during your presentation. For instance, you have the skill to make complex ideas simple. Highlight this quality throughout your presentation.

Compassionate and Empathy

Start making your speech by asking yourself, “What does my audience want to hear and learn from me?” Most speakers will start by asking themselves, “What do I want to say?” To become a better speaker, you need to help your audience reach the goals that they have set before attending the event.

New and Freshness

Be unique in every speaking engagement you conduct. Make your speaking engagements memorable to your audience by being spontaneous, yet prepared.


A great motivational speaker has the capacity to identify which information is out or in. This can make the journey of your participants remarkable.


Get out of your comfort zone to provide your participants with the best and the most unforgettable speech. This gives great impact to a public speaking engagement.


Be yourself. Your authenticity is one of the best tactics to connect with your audience. This gives your speech the “wow” factor.


Do not hold back in sharing information. Give everything to your audience. Remember, whatever you give will go back to you a thousand times.

Story Telling

Your audience sit on your speaking engagements because they want to learn or are thirsty for valuable information. They also stay because they want to hear your stories. Sharing stories is a perfect approach to energize, excite and engage your audience. By sharing your stories, your audience will be able to feel what you feel.

Consider sharing a story of your personal path or triumph or struggle. Do not be afraid to reveal secret information about yourself. You also need to show that you are vulnerable and human as well.

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