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Preventing Child Abductions through Enhanced Security

Schools are perceived by parents to have some of the most inept security precautions especially with regards to child abductions. The reason for this is that most school administrators and staff are not aware of custody battles between the parents. Sometimes these school administrators are the last to know since most parents do not want to admit that they are going through a divorce. Custody battles may not be seen as relevant but can be perceived by school administrators as a school security risk, especially for primary schools.

ID LanyardsOne of the most effective way to minimize a security risk is to implementthe use of ID badges on ID lanyards not only for visitors but for the students and staff members as well. The ID can be also used to reveal whether the staff member is currently working for the school since some schools administrators do not require their previous employees to surrender their IDs. Any staff member without a valid ID badge can be refused entry to any part of the school. The reason for this is that school administrators want to make sure that each individual inside the school has a legitimate purpose – understandable given a high staff turnover.

Even though custody battles is perceived to be one of the reasons for child abductions in schools, child molesters are a bigger threat. The worst fear of school administrators is to tell a parent that their child is missing or taken from the school especially when a strict security protocol is in place. Students can be considered as another form of security since they can be taught to prevent the incidence of child abductions. Students can tell a teacher or staff member about any unauthorized individuals especially those not wearing a visitor badge on ID lanyards.

Wearing their ID on ID lanyards creates a feeling of unity for the students and staff members since they can immediately detect strangers in their midst. Even the parents of the students can be considered as a threat by the children or a staff member,especially when they are not wearing a visitor badge. Any individual not wearing a valid ID badge and perceived to be a potential threat is removed by security personnel and staff members. This security layer minimizes the chance that children will not be forcibly taken by warring parents or strangers from the school premises.

Teachers unions may not initially welcome the use of security badges especially within the school premises since they may consider it demeaning. Teachers may request the school administrator to have their own unique ID badge design so that the teachers are distinguished from other staff members. The added value of using distinctive ID badges on school ID lanyards is that unauthorized persons in the school are easily detected.

Some schools have already implemented an automated ID card reader especially in a school with a significant number of students. Some school administrators consider the automated card reader to be a cheaper alternative when compared to hiring a number of security personnel. But this this is not a foolproof security approach since the automated ID card reader can be bypassed by an individual with malicious intent. Any unauthorized individual can avoid detection by using the ID badge of the teachers or staff member. Most children assume that any adult with an ID badge on ID lanyards are either teachers or staff members and may not be on guard.

To prevent security problems, school administrators need to hire security personnel so that they can easily check the validity of the ID badge and the person wearing it.

What is Baseball Pin Trading?

Baseball-PinIf you get into a hobby, it helps in releasing the stress that can be caused by a daily routine. Sometimes, your hobby can use up your resources since you enjoy what you do. These resources can be used especially if the hobby that you are in will be collecting certain items. Some may go for stamps, toys or rare coins because it is something that they like. Other will go for baseball pins and some will even go as far as trading with other collectors.

Trading pins has been popular for quite some time and they come in different themes, depending on where you acquire them. Amusement parks have their own set of pins and in some instances they hold their own pin trading event for enthusiasts to attend. Pins that can be traded in such events can have a high value, depending on the style and how rare they are lately. There are also some special events that may happen only once a year or even once in a lifetime that will produce their own pins. Pins from such an event becomes very valuable because those pins can become one-of-a-kind.

Sports teams, clubs and events will have their own pins. Yearly sporting events also produce their own trading pins. Such pins are made on a yearly basis and will have a different version each year. The year of when the pin was made will also be visible from it. The one item that will not disappear from such a pin will be the team name, and baseball pins are popular with this. There are a lot of baseball fans and being able to see and collect the pins from your favourite baseball team can become the best experience.

Baseball pins usually use metal for their base, and the common choice is copper. The designs on them are usually made from enamel powder and these pins will have an average size of 1.75 inches to 2 inches. A butterfly clasp can be spotted as the way to attach these pins to your clothes.

Baseball fans would range from little kids to old people, and the same goes for collectors of baseball pins. Others will be into the hobby so deep that they are willing to go through a lot of lengths to get all the pins that they want, up to a point where they are willing to pay a tremendous amount of money for a single pin. There will be others that go for the simple route and they just want to collect those that belong to their team.

When starting a trade, the first thing that a collector will look into is the rarity of the pin. Getting a lot of information about the pin, including when it was manufactured, is important. The person giving away the pin for trade must make sure that the information that he is giving about the pin is correct, or else he will lose the trust of other pin traders.

When you offer a pin for trade, you must check when it was made. It is possible that the pin may be special, but it may have been made at a mass production level, so it may be easy to find. Asking for help from “pinheads,” as other pin collectors are called, can be okay. Other collectors can be helpful to those that are just starting. Also make sure you have a few other pins available for trade with other people, too.

Trading pins is fairly easy, especially during a pin trading event. Enthusiasts will proudly wear their pins on their shirts, scarves, vests and caps and they would walk around and interact with other collectors. A trade can be started by greeting another enthusiast and pointing to the pin that you want, while offering the pin that you can give in exchange. Never touch the pin that you want, but you can ask the owner to try to bring it closer to you. Once the trade is done, a simple handshake and a “Thank you!” can end the trade properly. The other fun side of pin trading is you getting to meet other people from other places that share the same interests as yours.